Monday, January 31, 2011

Measuring Moral Background Radiation

Annals of Experimental and Empirical Philosophy II/2010 pp 68-97
Miscatonic University Press 2010

V.Ankyra MD
J.Kylma-aho PhD


It has been a widely held almost axiomatic assumption that the universe exhibits a compulsory correctional force eventually leading to enthropy death like evening out of all social injustice and inequality. This has been assumed to be due to the force of a moral background radiation which would thus be a principal innnate force of nature like e.g. gravitation. So far the valilidity of this assumption has never been questioned.

This radiation must not in itself be isotropic to produce the proclaimed effect but large and anomalous fluctuations would strongly bespeak other explanations and invalidity of the assumption.

To examine this radiation we manufactured a number of clones of persons known to be very sensitive to this radiation displaying visible and easily scalable signs of moral indignation at the slightest of triggers. These clones were examined with fMRI and PET scans to estimate their responsivenes in CNS regions of the Amygdala, Nucleus Accumbens and Ventral Tegmental Area. Of these candidates we chose as the best representative the clone of Osmo Soininvaara, and to the expirement eventually n=178 were finally manufactured. A scale of visible scores of moral indignation similar to the Richter earthquake scale (frowns, blushes, stammering, tremor of chin etc) was determined.

The OS clones were evenly distributed and in a no stimuli situation they displayed a basic moral indignation of a magnitude of 5.

A series of provocative stimuli then followed (see data below). These stimuli were then carefully manipulated to form controversial and naturally impossible patterns.
The results clearly show that all changes from baseline were clearly products of stimulus manipulation.
When an offensive stimulus was immediately revealed to originate from a PVG (Protected Victim Group) four of the clones disintegrated with total losses of cognitive function. Autopsies revealed massive intracranial haemorrhages that had completely destroyed right hemispheres.

The experiment doesn't confirm the Standard Theory of Moral Universe but strongly suggest related phenomena being artefacts of malfunctioning CNS.